Pallet trucks

A vast selection of pallet trucks for sale. Varying in load capacity and size. Manual and powered pallet trucks for all your haulage requirements.

Lifter GS Pro Series

The GS Pro series of pallet trucks are ideal for use on smooth floors and other kinds of surfaces. An excellent tool for carrying loads pallets or containers.

The Lifter range of electric powered pallet trucks offer comfort and convenience to handling/loading duties.

Sealey Pallet Trucks

A range of heavy-duty pallet trucks manufactured by Sealey. These pallet trucks are ideally suited for general warehouse and handling duties.

Electric Stackers

This range of Lifter electric stackers are designed for electric lifting and are ideal for the transportation of palletised loads.

High Lifters

The Lifter series of high lifter pallet trucks offer a practical solution for lifting loads to a higher level of up to 800mm. Ideal for use in workshops.