Mag Drills

A range of Mag Drills for sale from leading manufacturers at discount prices. Magnetic Drills from Fein, Unibor and Evolution Mag Drills and a range of broaching cutters and mag drill accessories.

Evolution Magnetic Drill

Two Mag Drills from Evolution. The Bora 2800 mag drill enables you to drill up to 28mm and the EVO42 mag drill up to 42mm. Both mag drills have 1200W motors and powerful magnetic force. Evolution magnetic drills suitable for drilling jobs both on and off site. Compact, lightweight and portable.

Unibor Magnetic Drills

A range of Unibor Magnetic Drills for Sale with cutting capacities from 12mm - 100mm, motors from 700w t0 1850w and magnetic clapping force upto 18,150N. These professional Unibor Mag Drills have integrated lubrication systems, warranty, carrying case, allen keys, safety strap, guard and cutting oil included.