Propane Space Heaters

Propane gas space heaters are ideal for many applications, from small workshop heaters, garage heaters and marquee heaters to large warehouse heaters. They provide a cleaner heat than direct diesel heaters, but do give off some fumes. Gas bottles are readily available in any location.

Master gas heaters provide large volumes of instant heat. They are very cost effective, robust and efficient. Portable gas heaters are best for well ventilated areas like construction sites, warehouses or factories.

Sealey Space Warmer - Gas Heaters

Sealey's range of propane gas heaters from 35k - 280k BTU. Workshop heaters, garage heaters, warehouse heaters supplied with gas hose and regulator, 110v/230v options on some models.

Arcotherm Propane Gas Heater

The GP range of automatic and manual gas heaters provide immediate and economical heat. Ideal for use on building sites, green houses and animal rearing facilities for drying, thawing and heating